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Saturday, May 08, 2021
Love Them to Jesus

Prayer Life of Jesus - Pure Heart

Devotional: Prayer Life Of Jesus

Pure Heart

All purity is balanced with the purity of God’s character.  Even man at his best measured with the holiness of the Father is still tainted with impurities.

Who then can pray out of a pure heart toward God?  In order for one to pray out of a pure heart, words must flow from a pure life.

It is not a form of purity soiled with a cloak of self-righteousness.  We cannot obtain purity of heart through standards of our own.  The Lord Jesus Christ is our standard.  He prayed from a heart pure before the Father.

Seeking the Lord must come from nothing less than what He required of those who lived since the beginning.  Many Old Testament examples of people knew the commandment well, “Be ye holy, for I am holy”.  The Apostle Peter reminds the church in I Peter 1:15-16.

Adam and Eve disobeyed God and had to leave their beautiful home.  The place where they once walked in the fellowship with their Creator was now forbidden.  They soon learned the One who breathed into them the breath of life could not fellowship with hearts defiled with sin and disobedience.

All who come must do so on the basis of terms required by the standard of absolute holiness – The Creator.

Enoch walked with God and did not have to suffer through the pain of dying.  One other Old Testament saint lived before God in such a way that he was taken.  Of course, this was Elijah.  Everyone else must face the results of the Adamic fall and return to the dust from which they were all created.  The only ones who will skip physical death will be those who experience the rapture of the church.

If Noah did not have a pure heart before God, he would have been one of those begging to open the door of the ark.  

Job walked upright before God.  In the end of the story, God would only hear the prayer of Job on behalf of his accusers.

In the Psalms and Proverbs, we learn the plight of the wicked.  Although the pure in heart may have trials in this life, the upright can trust, delight, commit, and rest in the promises of God as found in Psalms 37.

When Jesus preached on the beatitudes as recorded in Matthew 5, in verse 8 He says, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”  The word “pure” heart speaks of a constant cleansing.  Paul admonishes his son in the faith, Timothy, to keep himself pure.

How many who heard Jesus speak realized that the law they lived by condemned them?  It raised too high of a standard for them to be able to keep.

Our Lord speaks of the “pure in heart” in the present tense of “being cleansed”.  When He went to the cross, He arose and He ascended on high that our constant cleansing would be made possible.  Therefore, when a person comes through Christ, who is our standard of holiness, their heart is righteous before God.

However, when one prays out of a pure heart, an examination of their adherence to the obedience of Christ is in order.

The Epistles reemphasize the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He not only makes us holy before God and teaches us the importance of obedience, He shows us how to communicate through a life that is pure.

What are your thoughts?

1.  What prayer will the Lord hear of the wicked?  I Peter 3:12

2.    Why does the Lord hear the prayer of the righteous?  I John 3:22

3.    How can a child of God know the correct way to live so prayers will be heard?  I Peter

    2:21; I Peter 4:1-2

4.    Examine yourself.  When you go before the Lord, does He have the keys to every

    door of your heart?